The spine of a proof copy of The Gloaming.

The Year of the Mermaid and The Gloaming

Several major novels centred around mermaids are being published this year, to the point that 2018 has been dubbed “the year of the mermaid” in the publishing world. I cannot emphasize how exciting this is for me. Disney’s “The Little Mermaid” was my first fan love, and I’ve grown attached to all fairy tale mermaids by extension. I can only hope the Year of the Mermaid will mark the beginning of a new heyday for them in popular culture. My fondness for them set aside, I see them facilitating many interesting discussions (the obvious topics being femininity, queerness and belonging, but there’s potential for much more). Also, if vampires, werewolves and zombies can get re-imagined over and over, then why not mermaids? All of this to say: I plan on following the Year of the Mermaid closely, and on blogging about the books as much as I can.

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My selection of Penguin Modern books, stacked up with spines facing.

My Selection of Penguin Moderns

If you hang out in bookshops, chances are you’ve spotted the bite-size books Penguin has been releasing for the past three years. It started with the Little Black Classics, a collection of £1 short seminal works and extracts, all published with the same recognizable black cover. The success of this format led to the addition of 46 new titles to the series a few months later, and this year, to the introduction of a brand new collection, more radical in content: the Penguin Modern series.

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The Louise Erdrich Project: Future Home of the Living God Interview Round-up

Future Home of the Living God was published on Friday in the UK, and although I’ve already reviewed the book, I still would like to mark its release in my adoptive country. It’s not difficult to find which approach to take in this second post, because as any fan will tell you, there’s only one thing that’s as exciting as new material: the coverage of new material. Yes baby, it’s new press time.

Now, Louise Erdrich not being Taylor Swift, there’s only a limited number of articles to choose from to build a round-up. Among this limited number of articles, I’m only picking interviews, because, well, I’m a sucker for Erdrich’s words. Here’s my Future Home Interview Round-up.

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The Louise Erdrich Project: Future Home of the Living God (novel, 2017)

Warning: this review contains minor spoilers.

I’m currently engaged in a crazy project to read and review most of Louise Erdrich’s books in order of publication, and so today I should be blogging about her 1986 novel The Beet Queen. She just published a new book however, and I can’t be expected to follow a reading list when there’s a brand new Louise Erdrich novel in existence. Below are my thoughts on Future Home of the Living God, published today in the US.

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The Louise Erdrich Project: Love Medicine (novel, 1984)

Warning: This review contains spoilers.

The second book in my Louise Erdrich Project is Love Medicine, her most famous novel, and the one that’s considered a modern classic. It tells the story of two Ojibwe families, the Kashpaws and the Lamartines, over three generations. I see it as a sort of roadmap to Erdrich’s world, since it introduces the North Dakota reservation that will become her default backdrop, and many characters who will appear in her later novels. But it’s obviously a lot more than that.

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