7 Facts About Fans

Fans use the wrong strategy in trying to defend themselves. When called “obsessive” or “delusional”, they turn to the ready-made List of Positive Aspects to Being a Fan. You know the one; it includes having a strong role model, making friends, acquiring knowledge and skills, doing charity work, discovering new cultures… Although true, these arguments do little to redeem the fans’ reputation, in that they don’t contradict misconceptions. They seem to elude the problem and to make excuses.

I thought I would propose a few facts that directly discredit popular fallacies about this important aspect of the geek lifestyle.

7  Facts the World Should Know about Fans:

  1. They watch out for “obsessed” or “crazy” behaviour in other fans.
  2. They sometimes go months without consuming their fan interest.
  3. They reflect on their fan activities with sarcasm, all the more so if their fan interest is fictional.
  4. They take back their devotion if a fan interest disappoints them.
  5. They are as likely to return to an old fan interest as they are likely to “grow out of” one.
  6. For each opinion they give about a performer/artist ‘s personal life, they use the disclaimer “that’s what I think anyway. I don’t know him/her”.
  7. They are of all ages, have jobs and families, and tend to be educated.

Please feel free to add your own facts in the comment box!

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