A few quotes that recently caught my eye

Some wise words that resonated with me. Hope you enjoy them!

I am furious about how concepts invented for the survival of marginalized people are being distorted beyond recognition to the point, as I noted above, where they become no longer useful for the people who developed them and who need them on a daily basis; that is the problem, not that these concepts were developed in the first place.

Jes Skolnik, “on the culture wars, and why ‘offensiveness’ is a bad yardstick”, on Medium.

(My rapists) are all innocent until proven guilty. But not me. I am a liar until proven honest

Louise O’Neill, Asking for It. Quercus Publishing.

Being a fan of being a fan might be the biggest ‘emerging’ fandom today,” says Booth, “There is a kind of ‘fandom of fandom’ that emerges — people love being fans because it means being a part of something larger than yourself.

Paul Booth, as quoted by Sarah Soate in “Science Explains…Why Being a Fan is Good for You”, on Inverse.

That bemused look, the great British public; it makes me want to smash the bearer’s teeth with a baton.

Irvine Welsh, Filth. Vintage.

The next bus I am gentle held under the elbows by a pensioner to help me on. Why does everyone take my arm? Why will blindness make my arms fall off.
Yesterday I headed fast towards the stairs of Hungerford bridge, terribly lit but climb a decades worth of times. In the black I make out people and pause to let them pass before reaching for the rail. A man grabs my forearm without word or warning. I shout you are hurting my arm!
‘There are stairs infront of you’ he tells my white stick.
‘I know!’
Once they have your arm, scaring you half to death they never let go until you bare your teeth. They never THINK how did she get this far? Do they presume blind women pass through the city on a human chain of strangers gripping their sleeves?
This is every day. It’s getting boring.

Lynsey, “Blind Blunders” on Thoughts of Ariadne.


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