A Blog Update

You might have noticed that the blog looks different- I changed the theme to Nucleare. I wanted a fitting theme that was also mobile-optimised, so I had planned on having a good look at the selection before I switched. After trying a couple of themes however, I discovered that I couldn’t go back to the old one (DePo Masthead) to have another think, as WordPress had “retired” it. This precipitated my choice, and I’m not sure I’m entirely satisfied with this new one. It’s a bit too, I don’t know, jovial? I might end up changing it again in the days to come.

Whether I settle on Nucleare or not, I would like the new look to be less formal than DePo Masthead was. Its newspaper-like appearance was cool, but it gave the blog an air of authority I was no longer comfortable with. I wanted to prove myself when I started this blog. Now I just want a space to write and share stuff when I fancy it. And in any case, the blog doesn’t need to look like an old man’s publication to be credible.

So that’s it. Please bear with me while I decide. And if you have any suggestions, please let me know!

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