The Louise Erdrich Project: Future Home of the Living God Interview Round-up

Future Home of the Living God was published on Friday in the UK, and although I’ve already reviewed the book, I still would like to mark its release in my adoptive country. It’s not difficult to find which approach to take in this second post, because as any fan will tell you, there’s only one thing that’s as exciting as new material: the coverage of new material. Yes baby, it’s new press time.

Now, Louise Erdrich not being Taylor Swift, there’s only a limited number of articles to choose from to build a round-up. Among this limited number of articles, I’m only picking interviews, because, well, I’m a sucker for Erdrich’s words. Here’s my Future Home Interview Round-up.

future home of the living god louise erdrich 9781472153364

Inside the Dystopian Visions of Margaret Atwood and Louise Erdrich,

Because Future Home deals with reproductive slavery in a dystopian future, journalists like to compare it to The Handmaid’s Tale. A lot. Elle Magazine follows the trend (and describes The Round House as a “crime thriller”, which hurts my eyes), but at least makes the most of it, inviting the two authors to discuss the themes common to their novels themselves. And yes, it’s pretty awesome.

Louise Erdrich, Great American Novelist, Is Just Getting Started, BuzzFeed News

This feels like an article written from the heart. Rumaan Alam demonstrates great knowledge of, and insight into, Erdrich’s work; between the lines of his poetic and honest prose, I even read affection. He seeks out the voices of other writers (Sherman Alexie, Marlon James, Ann Patchett…) in his quest to elevate her, and ends up painting a very warm picture, full of respect. The kind of picture I’ve been trying to paint myself.

Louise Erdrich discusses her new novel, ‘Future Home of the Living God’, Los Angeles Times

Louise Erdrich on the Bush Era-Inspired Dystopia in Future Home of the Living God, Vanity Fair

Good political talk in these, with some nice quotable Louise words.


Bonus : Louise Erdrich’s Storytelling Addiction, New Yorker

This is a light radio interview. Not much substance to it, but some gentle humour in Erdrich’s soothing voice, so it’s worth it. And I guess it’s good to be reminded that we are one chocolate cake-clogged artery away from Mike Pence.


Future Home of the Living God is published by Corsair in the UK, and you can now get a copy from Foyles.

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